Welcome on our website

A virtual welcome before a real visit to our Auberge in Blanot (71) in the heart of the medieval region of Cluny. We're also close to Taizé and Cormatin and not very far from Macon and Tournus
We discovered this village a few years ago, its heritage and especially its inhabitants : potters, cheesemakers, market gardeners, wine makers and just ordinary people who, for the most part, backed us up in our plan to refurbish the old business which had been closed for several years. 
Many of them even turned up with brush-cutters, wheelbarrows, sweeping-brushes, buckets, shovels, pneumatic picks, tractors, trucks – all to help us bring the place back to life so that we may welcome you now. 
Come and see for yourselves. We propose menus with combinations of local flavours and others from further afield, according to the season and your gourmet desires.
The vegetarians have not been left out...
Check out the menu on the next page, we change it every three weeks.
See you soon.